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ABOUT the course

This 8 week hands on course combines in person training with take home work. 

This training course is for humans, not a dog training course for dogs. We do ask our future trainers to bring a canine companion with them to each class so they have hands on practice working with a dog. 


We only teach positive reinforcement training. We will also teach the difference between different training methods. We are against balance training and any abusive equipment like prong collars, shock collars, squirt bottles, or similar fear based products. No competent trainer use these things.

Each in person class is 2 hours long with the exception of our first class which is 3 hours long, the first hour is orientation followed by our first module.

This course is not only for people who want to become dog trainers but also dog walkers, shelter volunteers, rescue folks, and just about anyone else who wants to learn about dog behavior and how to have successful happy relationships with our canine friends


COURSE overview

This course includes tasks such as

  • Studying real life examples of dog behavior (example: going to a dog park and making a 2-3 minute video of two or more dogs playing and explain in detail what is going on).

  • Attending a behavior consult with the instructor 

  • Performing a practice test for the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification

  • Reading a behavior history consult form and making appropriate recommendations for training and behavior modification

      and much more!

ABOUT debbie demello

Debbie has been training dogs using positive reinforcement for 15 years! She did her formal training at the Canine Behavior Academy in Marin under the direction of world renowned, Trish King. After completing the academy, Debbie went through a 500 hour internship at Marin Humane Society working with a variety of dogs and almost every behavior you can imagine. She also assisted Trish King with many behavior consults over the years. Debbie has also completed a veterinary assistant course and did a 200 hour hands on internship in a veterinary hospital.

Debbie is a positive reinforcement trainer and nothing else. She has encountered every type of behavioral issue from basic obedience to puppy manners, fearful and timid dogs, resource guarding, separation anxiety, dog to dog aggression and more. Just ask! 

Debbie has spent years evaluating dogs in our local shelters who had failed the traditional shelter temperament test. She also does training and behavior consulting for several rescues including Muttville, Gunter’s Legacy and 510 Paws Rescue. She is also an evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen program and has helped many dogs become certified.

Debbie's training sessions are fun and easy for both humans and dogs! Her mission is to enrich the lives of both the human(s) and dog(s) involved.

Please reach out with any questions you may have!

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